Angiographic Catheter

GRAFIA™ Angiographic catheter is designed to have excellent torquability and enhanced shaft structure for better pushability, a large inner lumen for advanced flow rate. In addition, excellent retention of the distal segment is suitable for best angiography.
* Product Name: GRAFIA™ Angiographic catheter
* Guidewire compatibility : Max 0.038"
* Specifiaction
Max 0.038"
4Fr/1.40mm     5Fr/1.67mm     6Fr/2.00mm
1.05mm          1.20mm          1.35mm
Guidewire compatibility
Outer Diameter
Inner Diameter
* Various tip shape available
* Thin wall design for improved flow rate
* Braided Wire design - Provides superior pushability, trackability and torque for optimal control
* Soft tip for minimizing vessel damage
* Radiopaque tip for visualization

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